28mm Trenches

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Back last year I posted a work in progress picture of a set of 28mm scale trenches (see Bolt Action - Trenches) I was making for use with the WW2 game bolt action.  I actually finished painting and flocking these a while ago now but forgot to post some completed pictures, so here they are...

28mm Trenches

The full set I created contains 4 straights, 4 end pieces, 2 t-sections and 2 right angles.  Each section measuring 6" x 6" with the end caps being 3" x 6".

28mm Trenches

Posted by Ash Bostock at 14:59

Matt Rigden
21st May 2014 at 11:45


These look the business! Glad you finally put pictures up, if you ever fail in your chosen field maybe start making and selling sceneary !


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