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SLA Industries 28mm Female Brain Waster

Thursday 3rd April 2014

My friend Stu's female Brain Waster model for use with our RPG games of SLA Industries....

SLA Industries Female Brain Waster

Originally an Ordic Pistolier from Privateer Presses Iron Kingdoms RPG, the brace of flintlocks is screaming Brain Waster!
SLA Industries Female Brain WasterStarted a few years ago Stu originally painted her outfit in bright yellow but was never happy with it as it seemed to enhance the wild west/Mexican look of the figure which was the opposite of his intention.

Due to our recent rediscovery of SLA Industries he thought he'd just strip and repaint the whole figure.

Lately Stu's been painting what he likes to call "maximum firepower trousers" on his Morat warband for Infinity.  In fact this just means they're chequered and he thought the look would translate well, breaking up the silhouette of the trousers detracting from the "bandito" feel.

As it happens we noticed that a great many of the illustrations in SLA Industries feature "maximum firepower trousers" already so the outfit should suit the mean streets of Mort perfectly.

The quality of the sculpt is excellent and some of the details are really cool, the goggles are very reminiscent of the illustration of Boskii and Fry on page 52 of The Contract Directory.

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