Airsoft Goggles (ESS Military Land Ops™) Fan Mod - In progress picture 1

The main components of this mod are two 17x17x8mm fans and the VPack5.0V_AAA_2. The latter will take the input from two AAA batteries and output the 5V required for the fans to run. I did origially attempt to run both fans in series off of a 9V battery, but the 4.5V that provided to each fan wasn't enough to make them turn.

First thing to do is remove the connector off each fan. This can be simply done by sticking a knife or pin into each of the 3 silver lugs on top, the wires will then just pull out. We only need the Black and Red wires so the yellow wire, which is there to provide fan speed monitoring, can be removed (just clip the wire as close to the fan as you can) along with all the labels which easily peel off.

The VPack5.0V_AAA_2 comes as one unit with the curcuit board stuck on using hot melt glue. Carefully remove the curcuit board from the battery pack and desolder all the wires. These components can then be mounted onto the goggles separately and resoldered in place. I then replaced the hot melt glue with a double sided sticky foam pad, for later use to attach the curcuit board to the goggles.

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Airsoft Goggles Fan Mod in progress picture 1

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