Airsoft Goggles (ESS Military Land Ops™) Fan Mod - In progress picture 2

My original plan was to mount the fans into the goggles flush with the top surface as you can see in the below image. This would mean that from the front you wouldn't even be able to see the googles had been modified. I stuck with this idea right until I put the visor back in. In doing so the goggles become rigid and then act as a noise amplifier to the fans, which before this were practically silent.

Unfortunately the vibrations from the fans means you end up with a fairly loud humming noise that, in a quiet environment, can be heard from several meters away. Would be ok if you were in the middle of a noisy firefight but not when on a sneeky steath misson. The enemy would soon notice the whining noise from the nearby tree or bush.

Putting that set back a side the below image is still useful as the holes made for the fans are required to let the airflow through anyway. I simply placed the fans in the intended position and cut round them with a craft knife. The fan wires were then thread through, under the thin black foam which fortunately is only stuck down along the edges. As the goggles are symmetrical it's not important which side they come out from. Just pick which ever side feels best to you for the later placement of switch and battery pack.

You will also notice that I removed most of the thin black foam covering the bottom. This was done to improve the air flow through the goggles. The fans will be mounted so that they blow the hot air out of the top, which will therefore suck fresh air in from the bottom.

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Airsoft Goggles Fan Mod in progress picture 2

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