Airsoft Goggles (ESS Military Land Ops™) Fan Mod - In progress picture 3

The VPack5.0V_AAA_2 comes with a jumper for enabling/disabling power from the battery pack. Obviously this isn't practical for use on the field so I brought a small switch and soldered that directly to the pins. I mounted my switch into a scrap piece of plastic I had laying around. I then fixed it in place using a small screw from the inside (through one of the existing air holes) and super glue for good measure. The curcuit board was then held in place using the double sided stick pad, with the solder also helping in this respect too.

The actual wiring part is very easy, just don't forget to put heat shrink over the wires before you start :). Removing the front visor would be highly recommend if you haven't already done so. Melting that from a stray piece of solder wouldn't be a great idea.

First the battery pack wires need to be extended so that it can later be attached to the inside of the goggle strap. Once done solder them back onto the points where they were originally connected. You can see from the picture below that for the fans you just need to solder the two red wires together to the same contact and both black ones to the other side. This will give both fans the 5V they require when turning everything on.

Now put some batteries into the battery pack and flick the switch to test they successfully turn on and off.

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Airsoft Goggles Fan Mod in progress picture 3

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