DIY Gridded RPG Boards

Inspired by one my friend Tony created (worth checking out his website Debris of War) I thought I'd have a go at creating my own dry erase gaming board for role playing.

Always living by the "gaming on a budget" mantra I retrieved a sheet of white acrylic from the shed, an off cut I'd been given for free ages ago, and set to work.

Measuring up the piece I had, I figured I could get two 24" by 20" boards which as you can see below when they are put together gives a decent size playing area.  Obviously this also us the flexiblilty to just use one if only a smaller area is required.

I then marked off and cut shallow thin lines using a tile scorer to create the 1" squard grid.  At this point I was trying to think of the best way to fill in the lines, e.g. using black paint, a thin permanent marker, etc... and then realised that simply drawing along them with a dry erase marker and rubbing the excess off left behind the black marks in the grooves which doesn't rub off! A perfectly simple cheap solution that does the job nicely :)

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