Watchmen XBOX 360 Faceplate

I've known about the watchmen graphic novel for a long while from seeing it on display in book shops. You can't easily miss its bright yellow cover with the iconic smiley face. I'll admit though that I had no idea what it was about or had much interest in reading it until I first saw the amazing high def trailer for Zach Snyder's upcoming Watchmen movie.

There is already a limited ediion Watchmen XBOX 360, which was created for Comic-Con 2008, but the faceplate for it is just plain black. I thought there should be a good faceplate as well so I painted this one.

Behind the Scenes

There is only one in progress picture for this as it was masked off and then painted all in one go. It's actually the first paint job that I created using my newly purchased Craft Robo and I'm really pleased with the results.

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