SLA Industries: Shaktar

A friend of mine recent introduced me to the "World of Progress" the fictional setting for the RPG called SLA Industries.

The back story and setting for the game is fantastic.  Dark gritty horror dystopian sci-fi, a mix between Blade Runner, Alien and Smash TV "big money, big prizes, I LOVE it!".

Looking through the artwork for the game it got me thinking of something that I'd wanted to have a go at for a long while and that was to create a 28mm miniature from scratch out of "green stuff".

The pictures below show my attempt at sculpting a Shaktar, one of the alien races you can play as in the game.

Behind the Scenes

First I created an armature for the model out of paper clips stuck together with super glue:

Next I started to layer on green stuff to get the basic pose and proportions correct.  The gun, a Games Workshop Imperial Guard Lasgun, was the only part that I didn't sculpt from scratch:

Then I started to build up the main body shape of the model with the armour panels, boots and added a tail:

The head was the next thing to complete, along with dreadlocks and the left handed dual bladed weapon:

Various other bits of detailing were then added and apart from a few extra minor details that I'd like to include it'll then be ready for painting:

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